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Juli 12, 2019

24h Hoopthing

24h Hoopthing

Beim 24-Stunden Hoopding bekommt ihr eine bunte Mischung an Workshops, Show und Rahmenprogramm geboten. Die Workshops werden auf Englisch gehalten.

At the 24h Hoopthing you will receive a potpourri of Workshop, Show and social programm. The workshop will be given in English and are suitable for all levels


24.08.2019 Saturday
14:00 – 15:00h Welcome Coffee and Get Together
15:00 – 18:00h Workshop (all Levels) Dance with Circles / Rachel Sullivan, U.S.
18:00 – 18:30h Prosecco and Hooptease-Show
19:30 – 20:30h Dinner @Sisi-Top (Curry)
20:30h -open End: Hoopless-Party @Sisi-Top + (LED-)Hoopflashmob Downtown Linz

25.08.2019 Sunday
10:00-11:00h Goodmorning Coffee and some Snacks
11:00-12:30h Hooptease-Workshop (All Levels) „Sexy & Fun Hooping“ Fräulein Hoop (Inga) und Cheeky May (Kathrina) aka Hooptease GER
12:30-14:00h Hoopjam-Fade-Out and Coffee

You don’t have to book both Workshops. We are happy if you join one workshop but even more happy if you book both workshops 🙂

Workshop Dance with Circles: 45 US-$.
Please follow the links and book separately:
facebook-event: click here
Tickets and Infos: click here

Workshop Hooptease and all the rest: 30€
– Coffee
– Dinner (Vegan-Curry)
– Glas of Prosecco (or Juice)
– Hooptease-Workshop
– Show (Burlesque!)
Please contact Sisi-Top sisi[@]sisi-top.com

Workshops: Halle 7, Traunuferstraße 171, 4053 Ansfelden
Party and Dinner: Sisi-Top, Untere Donaulände 8, 4020 Linz

If you need a space to sleep, please contact Kathrina: sisi[at]sisi-top.com. There will be some space available at Kathrina’s place very near to Sisi-Top. But you need to bring sleeping bag, mat and towel.

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